About Elaine

Elaine Molchanov, MSW, IAAP

Elaine Molchanov, MSW, IAAP is a Jungian analyst (the first, and for many years the only one in Alaska) and sandplay therapist.

A thirty years’ practitioner of meditation and yoga, she works with persons seeking light and meaning, though often caught in places that seem dark and disconnected.

Many of Elaine’s clients are facing the major transitions of life: adolescence to adulthood, midlife, and late life, which offer similar challenges of renewal to the personality.

Elaine leads group sandplay seminars outside (sometimes in the desert or seashore) where found objects offer a treasury of possibilities to the psyche. Her paper on the symbolism of the snake appeared in the journal “Sandplay Studies.” The world’s current convulsions have stimulated Elaine’s interest in the psychology of the apocalypse, the archetypal symbol of destruction and rebirth. Her current work on a book connecting Jungian psychology with her experience of Indian meditation traditions will be the basis of a paper to be presented in November, 2008 at the Dharma Society of North America’s meeting in Chicago.